Wiggio Adds Facebook Integration, Video Conferencing And More

Wiggio, the a communication application for college students, has added a slew of new features to its collaborative product. Similar to Yammer, Wiggio provides a Twitter-like message stream from all the group members, lets users share calendars, use text and voice messaging, share files and more.

Wiggio, which is free, now lets users host free, Web-Ex like “virtual meetings” for a group, which includes live video conferencing, screen sharing and whiteboard collaboration. The application has also added integration with Facebook, letting users create a group and then import group members directly from their list of Facebook friends. Wiggio users can also use the “Wiggio Boards” Facebook application which lets you communicate in real- time with group members through text message, email and Facebook messaging in one centralized stream. The app will also sync group calendars with calendars in Outlook, Google, Yahoo! and iCal.

Launched in January 2009, Wiggio was founded by Dana Lampert and Rob and Derek Doyle, sons of Bob Doyle, the creator of MacPublisher (the first desktop publishing program) and the 1970s electronic game Merlin. The elder Doyle is an adviser and investor in Wiggio, and houses the four-person startup in his lab a block away from Harvard. Wiggio raised $450,000 in an angel round last August.

Lampert says that Wiggio is is currently growing by over 1,500 new members per day and recently passed 200,000 total users. Although the product faces competition from bigger players like WizeHive, Yammer and Basecamp, Wiggio it is steadily gaining traction among college students and is even expanding its reach to small businesses and non-profits.