Smule sells 300k copies of I Am T-Pain, celebrates with a new song and a huge contest

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The second we laid eyes on Smule’s autotuning, pitch-changing iPhone app, I Am T-Pain, we knew it was going to be a huge hit – and it has been. We just got some details from Smule’s CEO, Jeff Smith, on how things are going so far.

In the first 3 weeks alone, the application has seen 300,000 downloads. The average user spends around 66 minutes within the application — an absolutely ludicrous number for any app, much less one out of the entertainment category. To date, 4.1 million performances have been recorded within the application. So, what’s the best way to celebrate making lots and lots of money? By adding new content – oh, and giving away lots and lots of money.

Since launch, Smule has seen a resounding demand for one song in particular. Perhaps a bit ironic, it’s not a song from T-Pain’s own album – though he is featured in it. Straight out of an episode of SNL from February, “I’m On A Boat (ft. T-Pain)” is the top requested song, and will be added to the App’s In-App Purchase catalog later today.

At the same time, Smule will be launching a big ol’ promotion to stoke the sales fire and have a bit of fun. They’re encouraging users to shoot their own “I’m On A Boat” music videos, featuring the I Am T-Pain app, in exchange for a shot at some cash. Users are free to use the original lyrics, or bring their own.

Contest Details:

  • Each week for 10 weeks, one finalist will be chosen. Each finalist gets $500 bucks and a set of Grillz gold teeth modeled after T-Pain’s
  • Smule’s favorite (as determined by video views, originality, humor, and other aspects of a”T-Pain induced Smulean algorithm”) entry at the end of the 10 weeks will take home $5,000 and a $47 replica of T-Pains $410,000 “Big Ass Chain” (Pictured below.)

Smule is “making it rain”, so to speak..

Looking to get more people in on the fun, Smule will be temporarily dropping the app’s price. From sometime later today until Saturday morning, the app will see a 66% price cut, dropping from the usual $2.99 down to just $0.99.

Let us know if you’re planning on entering – that way we know who we’ll need to show up with our entry.