Friendster Partners With Intelius. Let The Scams Begin.

I knew the glory days of Friendster were behind them, but I didn’t know things were this bad. The company is proudly announcing a partnership with Washington based people search company Intelius this evening. The goal, they say, is “to provide a more robust and comprehensive user search experience on Friendster and to power people searches originating on Friendster with results from across the web.”

What Friendster isn’t saying is how they’ll monetize this search, and whether Intelius’ scammy privacy services will be offered to Friendster users. Earlier this year we wrote again about Intelius and the myriad of lawsuits and consumer complaints that the company was fighting.

To summarize those posts, Intelius has been accused of tricking users into long term credit card subscriptions via a third party for worthless privacy protection products.

The Friendster press release doesn’t talk about how the service will be monetized, but it looks like the integration may be through a recent Intelius acquisition, Spock.

I’ve emailed Friendster for clarification on whether or not they plan on exposing their users to Intelius’ very questionable monetization practices. Because if they are this desperate for revenue, it’s a sign that Friendster is in very serious trouble indeed.