Which cell phone provider has the best customer service? You might be surprised

t-mobileGiven how much people depend on their mobile phones these days, it’s pretty much catastrophic when they stop working. Most these days don’t have a traditional land-line, so when your phone stops working, you lose touch with the world. So which carrier has the best customer service? Who can you depend on to help you in your hour of need?

It all depends on how you want your customer service. Laptopmag did some investigating, and they found that the major carriers vary significantly depending on if you call, go to the store, or check on the web. They asked three fairly advanced questions, and then compared the accuracy and quality of the results. It makes for an interesting read, but the winner in the end was T-Mobile. T-Mobile gave the most accurate answers, and seemed to have the best grasp on what exactly their phones could do.