Uncorks Its API, a popular wine retailer with a fantastic domain name, is releasing its API for third-party developers to create and enhance wine applications connecting to the site’s e-commerce and wine database platform.’s database has detailed information on over 40,000 wines, including labels, wine maker notes, professional ratings, customer reviews, geographical information, flavor profiles and more. The API will offer access to’s “Wine Basics” content, which includes information about the world’s major wine growing regions and grape varietals.

The online wine industry is steadily growing with wine-related startups raising significant amounts of funding. Online wine store and community Vinfolio got a $4.5 million infusion recently and social wine review site and retailer Snooth raised $1 million earlier this year. And the newly re-launched Corkd has added a social stream and a new business model.

While many of these more established sites (and competitors) may not present opportunities for the integration of’s API, the site may find interest from smaller blogs, or sites that want to create wine applications that connect with the wine retailer’s database and e-commerce platform.

Photo credit: Flickr/Warrenski