Shutup, Internet: The Palm Pre will be available on Verizon Wireless


How many hours ago did it “break” that the Palm Pre wasn’t going to be available on Verizon Wireless? Yeah, well, now word on the street is that, forget everything you read last night, because there’s no way in hell the Palm Pre won’t be available for Verizon Wireless. Or, to remove the double-negative: yes, the Palm Pre will, indeed, be available on Verizon Wireless, most likely this winter. Calm yourselves.

Who’s calling foul on last night’s report? Mainly Deutsche Bank and Morgan Keegan & Co. DB says:

We believe the press reports late Thursday afternoon that Verizon would not launch the Palm Pre are incorrect. Our checks continue to point to healthy carrier demand for the Pre early in calendar 2010. We believe Palm has placed orders with the supply chain for another version of the Pre with features highly consistent with a Verizon launch.

Meanhwhile, Morgan Keegan & Co says:

Feb. holds the potential to be a strong Pre quarter as shipments to Sprint likely stabilize and distribution expands to Verizon Wireless (our assumption).

So there you have it. Two big firms insist the Palm Pre is coming to VZW. Hope this helps.