Hotmail Co-founder's New Firm Acquires A Second VoIP Startup: Mobivox

VoIP services company Sabse Technologies has acquired Canadian Internet voice startup MobiVox for an undisclosed amount. The fledgling company provides VoIP calling via existing landlines and cellphones and also enables its users to do conferencing, make group calls, and transfer calls to their home phone from their cell phone.

The young company had raised a single round of funding that amounted up to $11 million nearly two years ago from high-profile investors like Flybridge Capital, IDG Ventures and Brightspark Ventures.

In a statement, Sabse Technologies says it wil integrate Mobivox’s solution into its own offering and retain most if not all employees:

The Mobivox platform and patent portfolio adds to Sabse’s offering by providing a proven voice-interface-programming language, in-the-cloud contact book storage along with network-agnostic telephony integration. Additionally, Mobivox brings a very deep team of speech developers that combined bring more than 100 years of expertise.

The news comes just three month after Sabse, which was founded by well-known entrepreneurs Sabeer Bhatia (Hotmail co-founder) and Yogesh Patel, agreed to acquire VC-funded Jaxtr, also without disclosing the amount it had paid for the startup. That means the serial entrepreneurs’ newest venture, which as far as we know has raised no institutional venture funding to date, has significant cash in the bank and aims to move fast in the VoIP calling and conference market by picking up strategic assets left and right.