Jabra wants you to be excited about their Stone headset

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Jabra Stone

Unless it’s expensive or otherwise unique, it’s tough to get people pumped about Bluetooth headsets. We get press releases for at least 3 of them a day – all of them more or less the same.

Looking to generate a bit of hype around their new and as-of-yet unannounced “Stone” headset, Jabra is going with the ol’ mystery-and-intrigue routine. They’ve got a big timer tickin’ away at, revealing almost nothing – you get a profile of the headset, some claims that it “looks, feels, and sounds better than anything you’ve tried before” and … well, that’s it.

Our ears have held plenty of headsets that feel and sound great – the real trick here would be if Jabra managed to make a Bluetooth headset that didn’t make you look like a wanker. Fingers crossed!

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