Sprint goes full bore with Android dev support

sprintdroidMotorola’s been at it for a while now with their Android developer resources, but with Sprint poised to launch what is undoubtedly one of the most impressive Android phones to date, they’re jumping on the support bandwagon pretty hard. Sprint has announced today that they’re rolling out the red carpet for Android devs looking to do some good with the Hero.

Alright, granted, maybe “red carpet” is a bit of a stretch, but new additions to the Sprint developer site look to make things just a bit easier for aspiring App Catalog moguls to hit their stride. Once they’ve downloaded the Android SDK, Sprint jumps in the fray to offer some tools to make the development process go a little easier.

Now, to be fair, Sprint didn’t actually make these any of these resources — the word “middleware” tells us that much — but they’re at least trying to make their development site as comprehensive as possible. One big bonus for potential Hero developers is that they will be allowed access into Sprint’s Developer Sandbox, a tool that allows authorized users to access Sprint network services in order to create and test app functionality.

Don’t think that all Sprint has to offer are a few links and some well wishes, though — interested parties can register for the Open Developer Conference in October. Sure, it’s set to feature sessions and workshops for Android development, but the big draw is clear: HTC and Sprint will be giving the hook-up to give at least 400 developers — a free Hero and a month of service are theirs for the taking.

Sprint seems committed to making the Hero their number-one handset, and targeting developers seems like a great way to do it, but will everything go according to plan? For once, things seem pretty hard to screw up — the Hero has been bathing in positive buzz for a while now — hopefully Sprint can take that momentum and run with it.