Presenting the airplane of the future! Better make friends with your fellow passengers


This is what the Airplane of the Future may look like. Well, this is what coach may look like; first class passengers will still have seats made out of diamonds and sporks made out of solid gold. The new layout resembles a subway car or military aircraft, with rows facing each other in order to pack more people inside a cabin.

A British company, Design Q, came up with the design, and acknowledges that it may not be popular with too many people. (“In yo’ face, poors!” That may not be an actual quote, by the way.) But if you stand to save a good chunk of change, why not put up with looking at Total Stranger for several hours? Maybe you’ll become friends! You’re both going to the same place anyway (unless one of you have a connecting flight, which would totally nullify that “joke”).

With seats aligned this-a-way, airlines could fit as much as 50 percent more people per flight. So, if the common limit is 200 passengers, then airlines could fit 300 passengers. Yes, it’s arithmetic week here at CrunchGear. You’d also stand to save as much as 30 percent for your seat if you pick such a flight.

A show of hands, please: all in favor, raise your had and say “aye,” all opposed, write a long rant about how this is One Hundred Percent Awful.