DEMO: RadioWeave Lets You Build A Custom Social Radio Station

RadioWeave, a startup that’s launching today at DEMO fall, is looking to bring radio into the 21st century. The company has built a platform for customizing an online streaming radio station that extends beyond just podcasts, music, and news.

In some senses RadioWeave reminds me of Stitcher, which lets you build your own custom radio stations out of your favorite content sources. But RadioWave includes a number of features that Stitcher doesn’t, like the ability to follow a Twitter account and have its tweets read aloud to you (albeit by a very robotic-sounding voice). You can also import feeds of your local weather and traffic.

The site’s playlist creation features seem convoluted, but its initial setup flow (which is reminiscent of Twitter’s suggested users lists) will get you up and running within a few minutes. There are some social elements that let you share your audio content with other users. You can also share your playlist of ‘tags’ with others, so they can tune in to a RadioWeave station that’s similar to yours. Along with RadioWave’s web interface, the service also offers an iPhone application that you can download here.