Man sends 662,000 txts in 30 days

Some anonymous AT&T user managed to send 662,258 txt messages in a 30 day period using his iPhone. To me, the crazy part is not that the guy sent then many messages, but that he still receives his bill on hard copy. 12,000 pages of hard copy.

I seriously hope this guy recycles, because anyone who still gets hard copies of their bill needs to be beaten on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. 12,000 pages.. and I got the impression from watching his (rambling) video that he was actually trying to break the record. I’m not sure how much it cost him, but he certain must have sore thumbs by this point.

Commenters on his Youtube account have pointed out that this might be faked, since the time involved in sending that many messages is a bit unrealistic, and there is software on the net that could fake these results.

[via DailyMobile]