Microsoft's new security policy: lawsuits

The word for the day is “malvertising”. It’s a linguistic mashup that means “malicious advertising”. Not deceptive, or antagonistic, but actually harmful. You know, the kind of online advertising that delivers a virus payload that jacks up your sister-in-law’s computer and then she calls you and you have to try to troubleshoot it over the phone and she doesn’t listen and just keeps clicking that damned mouse — you can totally hear her clicking clicking clicking — while you’re trying to be methodical and solve the damned problem. You know, that kind of advertising.¬†Well Microsoft has had enough, and they’re finally going to do something about it! They’re filing lawsuits against malvertisers! Thank the maker!

Way to go, Redmond! Seriously. The Internet thanks you. Your attention to security is a shining beacon of hope in these dark times.