Spigit Launches Integration With Microsoft Sharepoint

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Social productivity startup Spigit, which creates idea and innovation software, has launched an integration with Microsoft SharePoint, letting enterprises place this data in the cloud, behind the firewall. Spigit’s products help businesses and teams contribute ideas, offer feedback and evaluate concepts to streamline idea generation and promote innovation.

Spigit for SharePoint includes a dashboard that provides real-time updates on activity, hot topics and employee contributions within a business, an advanced analytics engine that identifies the best ideas among all contributions and a customizable workflow systems to manage ideation. The software also evaluates employees and offers an incentive and rewards program.

Spigit’s software has some big name clients IBM, Pfizer, Lloyds Banking Group, Walmart, MedPlus, Southwest Airlines and Choice Hotels International. The startup faces competition from Jive and BrightIdea.

  • http://www.mainsoft.com/ Roni

    What is the difference between Spigit integration solution to the one mainsoft is offering?


  • mohammad
  • http://cephas.net/blog/2009/09/18/links-9-17-2009/ Aaron Johnson – Links: 9-17-2009

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  • http://www.compxpressinc.com RocketMan

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  • http://www.brightidea.com Janelle

    Actually Brightidea, Inc. fully integrates with Sharepoint as well and offers APIs that allow the clients to develop their own Sharepoint application.

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