iTwinge tactile keyboard for iPhone


The $30 iTwinge keyboard may be able to grab some brand new iPhone owners who have a bit of trouble adjusting to the on-screen keyboard, but most people will tell you that you get used to it in about a week. Although with a potential customer base of however many bajillion iPhone owners there are out there, Mobile Mechatronics (the company behind the iTwinge) probably has a leg up by being first-to-market with this thing.


The extra bulk that it’ll add to your trouser pocket may be a bit off-putting, too, and let’s not fail to notice that it covers up half the screen when in use. So you’ll have to launch whatever program you’re going to use to do some typing, bring up the on-screen keyboard, and then plug your iPhone into the iTwinge.

Still, not a bad option (the only option, actually) for people who can’t stand to be without an actual tactile keyboard. It’s available for pre-order now ($30) and shipping out on November 19th – geez, maybe there’ll already be other options before then. That’s a long ways off.

[ChipChick via DVICE]