District 9 director hasn't totally ruled out returning to Halo movie


Not too long ago, we gave our thoughts on the movie District 9. We did so because it was a big sci-fi movie, and that’s just close enough to the tech-science nexus on which we operate that it justified a quick post. Seeing as though it’s the weekend, and you really all ought to be watching La Liga or playing 360/PS3, we’ll take two minutes to highlight this interview with the movie’s director, Neill Blomkamp.

The take-away:

• Blomkamp is open to doing a sequel.

• Before then, however, he’s going to write another sci-fi film.

• He wants to work with Peter Jackson again, but it probably won’t be on his next film.

• He hasn’t totally, 100 percent ruled out making a Halo movie. Better him than some other hack director, I guess.

In the interest of fairness, I’m gonna watch the movie again this weekend. If so many of you liked, then perhaps it’s worth trying to appreciate, and not watch it through the lens of Michio Kaku (who says that aliens of such an advanced intelligence wouldn’t even bother landing on Earth, let alone put up with human beings’ stupidity).