Tokyo's Gundam statue is history, but you can now buy a 1/60 replica


The giant Gundam statue that has been protecting Tokyo for a couple of months is gone, but now you have the chance to bring back memories in the form of a smaller version you can put in your living room. The original 1/1 statue stood 20m tall, while the replica [JP] is 1/60th of that size (30cm) and weighs 4kg.


The little statue is being offered in Japan only and is exclusively sold through Yahoo Japan, the country’s biggest website. Shipping starts in spring next year, but pre-orders can be placed between today and December 31st. But for $900 (plus shipping), my guess is only hardcore fans will buy the so-called RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th.


Contact Rinkya if you are one of those people but live outside Japan. They even wrote a dedicated blog post about the replica.