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Tripwolf, the self proclaimed “social travel guide”, just launched their new and revamped version – tripwolf 2.0. Some new features have been added to the new version, and – at least at first sight – the usability of the site has been greatly improved, with an up-to-date contemporary look and feel. However, underneath the design and UI improvements, some substantial and beneficial changes have been underway.

We’ve covered tripwolf since launch last year and its investment round from Mair Dumont and Dieter von Holtzbrinck.

The entire trip planning section is now available without the need to register. Although there is Facebook Connect implemented already, it’s good they’ve taken this route of removing a barrier to sign-ups. Sebastian Heinzel, the CEO told me, “the entire process of getting inspiration up to planning your trip is entirely possible without a sign up”. [Disclosure: I used to work for Tripwolf, but have no other affiliation with them since].

In addition their free iPhone app pulls in the 500,000 points of interest on the service and also lets users actively write reviews from their iPhone and sync their online stored trip guides. It also has a booking section, where you can book your flights via Kayak or Hotels via HotelsCombined. Whatever they’re doing, it appears to be helping, as their traffic is heading in the right direction:

Tripwolf’s aim is to become the one-stop-shop in online travel, which is definitely an incredibly hard goal to reach in this crowded space. The combination of editoral content coming from both established and traditional partners such as Footprint Travel Guides and Marco Polo and User generated content may be a combination which sets it apart from others such as Trip Advisor, but it’s still going to be tough out there. Online travel always is.

  • Paul Smith


    I’d probably cite Tripwolf as one of the top travel guide apps for the iPhone, if it wasn’t for one still-unresolved issue; the variable quality of the content. The copy for the points of interest are often written in broken English that nobody seems interested in proof-reading. Here’s the main entry for Central Park on both the site and the app:

    “Central is a natural nature reserve, the best park in NYC, with lots to do, such as renting a bike for a couple of hours, roller blading, boat riding, climbing rocks and then there is the annual Summer stage hosting free concerts and films and balloon rides.

    It can be serene and zoo, take you pic, its big enough to escape and lose yourself. Naturally beautiful and green. A must see.”

    As a member you can rate the location but not edit the material; TripWolf either needs to fully embrace the idea of a social travel guide, or provide compelling, quality content themselves.

    No matter how much work has been done to tweak the UI and design, a travel site is going to live and die by the quality of the content it serves, however it’s sourced. Hopefully TripWolf will address the issue because it hinders a potentially useful site and an otherwise brilliant iPhone app.

  • Alexander Trieb

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your feedback – and I could not agree more. We are already working hard on getting the edit feature on the iphone live! There are some technical challenges, as we also want to make the feature available in offline mode. But these challenges are nothing we can’t tackle and will be available soon.

    We have already allowed users to upload images, write reviews and vote on all of the Points of Interests we have on tripwolf – and these features are also available offline (which automatically synchs when an internet connection is available).

    So – bottom line: keep an eye out for the next update of the tripwolf iphone app! It is planned for the end of this month.

    Thanks for your feedback. Always appreciated.


    Disclaimer: I am one of the co-founders of tripwolf and therefore closely affiliated.

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