FYI: You can download Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 today on Rhapsody


Knowing you guys, you not only knew Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 leaked several days ago, but you grabbed it instantly, and gained some nice ratio buffer in the process. Oh, and you listened to it many times over (as have I). Good, great.

Well, not everyone can flout the law so readily, so Rhapsody, which I’ve written about a couple times, has decided to bump up the release date of the album to today, 3PM EDT. (The album was originally supposed to come out on next Friday.) Now, the official reason for the bump up is because of “popular demand and recent buzz,” but we all the real reason: to lessen the blow of piracy. It’s not like this is the first time this has happened to a highly anticipated album.

So, again, once 3PM hits today, you, too, can enjoy The Blueprint 3.

Rhapsody also has a contest that runs through Friday, where, among other prizes, lives a Vizio HDTV. You basically have to listen to the album while on, then click the little “tweet” button, and that’s it. You can read the full deets here.

And if Jay-Z sells less than 800 million copies of the album I’ll be surprised. The guy is as over as Ric Flair.