Shock: The Gran Turismo PSP bundle isn't half-bad


Credit to Sony for actually putting together a reasonably good PSP bundle. Starting on October 1, for $199, you can buy a bundle that includes the PSP-3000 (not the PSP Go, mind you), a copy of Gran Turismo PSP, a voucher to download a Corvette ZR1 in an exclusive-to-this-bundle color, a 2GB memory stick, a PSN movie downloadable voucher (movie hasn’t been announced yet), and a Sony MusicPass that’s worth 10 downloadable songs. Not too shabby.

Of course, the bundle could have been so much better. Want to ensure that the PSP Go sells really well? Throw a copy of Gran Turismo PSP on there (a voucher, more specifically), along with an exclusive car color. Or, go one step better, how about an exclusive car? It doesn’t even have to be a real car, just make the SONY CAR that’s a 10/10 in every parameter (top speed, acceleration, brakes, etc).

Granted, I don’t have Sony’s numbers in front of me, and I’m sure the bean counters wouldn’t want to give too much away.

And if I may, while we’re on the subject of racing games, may I point you in the direction of GRID? It’s made by Codemasters, the same people behind the DIRT series, and it’s fantastic. (I prefer GRID to DIRT just because I’m not too keen on rally racing.) But man alive, the game is great. Probably the best racing game I’ve played since I first played Gran Turismo 1. (I remember reading the gushing IGN review thinking to myself, “Dear Lord I need this game.”) Codemasters now has the F1 license, too, so be sure to look for the first F1 game in years next year. Recreate all the drama from this season, including: Schumacher replacing, and then not replacing, Felipe Massa; Fernando Alonso’s continued flirting with Ferrari; and the death and re-birth (kinda) of Honda.