Popjam suffering while we share jokes on Twitter — not Popjam

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Back in February we were excited to see a sort of “Humorous Twitter” appear in the form of Popjam. Except it wasn’t – it was more a microblogging-meets-Digg-meets-CollegeHumour. But as we said at the time, getting Twitter integration fast would really help.

Aiming at College Humour and eBaumsworld or Icanhascheezburger with something Twitter-like seemed like a no-brainer and it was PopJam’s aim to effectively ‘sit above’ all of these sources. And the gaming element with a leaderboard was a smart idea. We duly wrote it up:

However, although they used the Twitter mechanic of ‘follow’, they didn’t integrate with Twitter and therefore didn’t get on the back of Twitter’s recent massive growth. That looks to have been a costly mistake. While everyone is off sharing their jokes and funny videos on Twitter, Popjam is being passed by. The last update on the site was three days ago (actually pretty funny).

I’ve asked co-founder and CEO, Alex Tew – the wunder-kid behind The Million Dollar Home page and most recently the Sockandawe smash hit viral game – what they plan to do next. No response as yet, but I hope the answer is ‘integrate Twitter, and fast’.

The startup is backed by an undisclosed amount of Angel funding from lead investor Paul Birch (a co-founder of Bebo with Brother Michael), while Michael Smith (of Mind Candy, Firebox) and Tom Boardman (also Firebox) also participated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stewart_Curry/517921117 Stewart Curry

    It would have been better if it encouraged creativity rather than just posting other people’s work. Plus posting stuff like xkcd strips without attribution isn’t great.

    • Reason

      Why not?

      It’s the same way Collegehumor and Ebaumsworld got started? Ripping content from forums like SomethingAwful and Genmay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zac_Bowling/641504571 Zac Bowling

    techcrunch – where we point out how great we are with our ability to shape the traffic on the Internets just by mentioning your silly company.

  • http://www.gymfu.com Jof

    Forget that; just bring me a search button so I don’t have to delve 50 pages deep to find that funny alien one again.

    But you’ve got to admit; it’s still one of the best archives of quality LOLs there is.

    Exhibit A: http://new.popjam.com/funny?p=2fbf7e334a1 (assuming that link works)

  • Trevor

    I have seen blasphemous jokes at popjam, and that it why I do not use it.

  • http://www.mirceagoia.com Mircea

    They failed to become the new iCanhazcheeseburger…

  • http://www.sumo.tv Shakir Razak


    They only launched, fully, relatively recently, do people want to calm down and not treat twitter as they once treated google.

    As a dedicated humour-aggregating site alone, Popjam has so much potential.

    Kind regards,

    Shakir Razak

  • XT

    CollegeHumour the British version of CollegeHumor?

  • http://www.dotcominfoway.com/mobile-application-development/android John Smith

    Twitter swallows Popjam? Twitter widens and sucks many. Twitter is intruding into all fields.

  • chris

    The website has been closed!!! just saw that today!

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