Google Voice Warms Up For iPhone, Cuts Off Calls After 15 Minutes

Google Voice users have been complaining the last couple of days that calls using the service are unceremoniously terminated after 15 minutes. The service is still in beta, but as we’ve written before, users expect perfection when it comes to voice calls. Problems like this make it hard for people to trust the service.

From one user: “almost every call I make now dropping at 15 minutes and some seconds.” Other users complained of the same issue, and Google confirmed the problem, saying: “Thank you everyone for your reports. We identified the cause of the 15 minute dropped call problem and we expect the issue to be resolved now. If you continue to see this issue, we appreciate your feedback.”

I’m using Google Voice for all of my mobile calls and haven’t noticed the issue, but my calls are rarely more than a few minutes. And as a recent iPhone user, I’ve learned to live with dropped calls, so I probably wouldn’t even notice. I’m not sure I ever managed to go fifteen minutes on the iPhone without the call dropping at least once.

We continue to expect Apple to accept the Google Voice application for the iPhone sometime soon rather than deal with any further investigations that might uncover some…irregularities…with their recent communications with the FCC. Dropped calls after 15 minutes will hardly be an issue with those new iPhone users. Heck, they’ll just blame AT&T anyway.