Yoono Grows Up, Launches A Desktop App

Yoono, a nifty IE and Firefox plug-in that serves as both a social network aggregator and media hub, is launching a desktop version of their browser sidebar. Yoono basically aggregates and centralizes your online profiles, including IM tools like Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and AIM as well as a wide variety of social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, Friendfeed and more. The startup also recently launched the ability to share pages and video/images in addition to real-time search capabilities powered by OneRiot.

The new desktop app, which is available for both Windows and Mac, has the same experience as the browser add-on except in a standalone product. The app is powered by Mozilla’s cross-platform xulrunner technology (the same technology Firefox is built upon), which is refreshing considering all of the Adobe AIR apps out there. Yoono says the decision to use xulrunner was made in light of its history as a Firefox add-on and the ease of porting.

Yoono has also released a new version of its Firefox plugin (which will be used in the desktop version), which integrates Twitter search and notifications when new results are available. The latest version also includes the ability to share web content simultaneously with MySpace. You could previously share to content with Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed.

Additionally, Yoono has added stream filters to help manage your stream. This tool lets you hide individual users in your stream, across services such as Facebook or Twitter or both. You can also hide updates from a particular Facebook app. For example, you could hide Mafia Wars updates from any of your friends (very welcome!).