Nintendo submits Wii football accessory patent

Wii Football

Oh boy, another accessory to buy for the Wii. This one is a soft football that holds a Wii-mote and Nunchuk. It’s actually just a patent so far (submitted by Nintendo), so it may never make it to market in the first place.

The idea is that the apparatus would be able to determine throwing angle, power, and direction, and would even sense body movements. So you could, for instance, scramble around and dodge would-be tacklers. Further proof that as time goes by, we’ll all eventually need a big, empty room in order to play Wii.


I actually, believe it or not, think something like this would be kind of fun. It’d apparently include support for the MotionPlus accessory, too, so it would supposedly be relatively accurate. If it worked well enough, it could be a cool way to play Madden. Again, though, it may never even get to market.


[Siliconera via Kotaku]