Henry McMaster (AKA "Craigslist Slayer") Runs For Governor Of South Carolina. God Help Those People.

Well, it’s all official now. The next moron to run South Carolina (current moron here) may well be Henry McMaster, the disgraced Attorney General of that fine state.

Yes, the man who took on Craigslist, declared victory and then ran away is now officially a candidate for the esteemed office of Governor of South Carolina.

The state that our readers determined is less important than Craigslist. And the residents of South Carolina agreed.

Links to the whole sorry mess are below in chronological order. In the meantime, watch his video, follow him on Twitter or check out his official campaign site.

If you people in South Carolina vote this man into office again you deserve all the humiliation that will continue to rain down on you.

May 5: South Carolina Gives Craigslist Ultimatum: Remove Prostitution Or Face Criminal Charges

May 13: Hookers No Longer Welcome On Craigslist

May 18: What’s More Important – Craigslist or South Carolina? A TechCrunch Poll

May 19: South Carolina Holds Its Own Poll, Still Loses

May 20: Craigslist Sues South Carolina Attorney General McMaster; Asks For Restraining Order

May 20: South Carolina Declares Victory, Runs Away

May 22
: McMaster’s Final Humiliation: Federal Smack Down (Restraining Order Below)

June 24: Adultery Rampant Among South Carolina Governors. This Must Be Craigslist’s Fault

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