What are your Top 10 favorite iPhone games?

iphone-games-scrabble-20081117When I finally got my hands on an iPod touch, I was excited. After watching countless “There’s an app for that” ads, I was very much interested in checking out the App store. The main drive for me was games – until I actually saw all the games that were out there. To put it nicely, I was not impressed. While the App Store has plenty of gems, it’s also filled with a ton of crap. I know because I bought a lot of it.

That’s why I was really excited to see the list of games that Gear Patrol just put out. From the ones I’ve tried, the list is spot on. The only bad news is I’m probably going to end up spending some more money on games. (At least the Civilization Revolution game.)

Here’s the short version of their list:
Doom Resurrection
Civilization Revolution
The Oregon Trail
Assassin’s Creed
World War
Tiger Woods
Texas Hold’em

On that note – what are your iPhone games? Know of any diamonds in the rough hiding amongst the bologna?