Is The iPhone Mom The New Soccer Mom?

According to a recent study done by mobile ad network Greystripe, there’s a relatively new mobile advertising demographic on the street: iPhone moms. Similar to the “soccer moms” demographic, iPhone moms could be a new consumer segment that has vast potential for advertisers and app developers. Greystripe says that “iPhone moms,” which constitute women (with children) who own iPhones, currently make up 29.5% of all iPhone users.

Greystripe says that in the past, “soccer moms” has not been a group that advertisers
could reach through mobile applications because they tended to be late adopters. I’m not so sure about this assertion, considering the rapid growth of “Mommy bloggers” over the past few years. But as the iPhone becomes central to moms to manage finances, family budgets, to-do lists and vacations, it’s sure to become a valuable and portable personal computer and too for the Mommy demographic. There’s even a blog that’s popped up devoted to iPhone Moms. And Moms use the iPhone not just for themselves, but to download kid-friendly apps for their children to use.

The ad report surveyed a group of iPhone moms as part of their quarterly Advertising Insights Report, and has collected statics on the demographics and preferences of moms in their ad network. Some of the stats may be intriguing to both advertisers and app developers. For example, on average, 96.2% of moms who own iPhones are involved in household purchase decisions, showing the purchasing power fo this particular demographic. Of iPhone moms with four or more children, 92.3% own a gaming console compared to 50% of iPhone moms with one child and 69.9% of iPhone Moms surveyed own a Nintendo Wii.

It appears that Blackberrys and other smartphones are other phones are becoming increasingly popular amongst the mommy demographic as well.