SpringSource Picks Up Cloud Foundry, Announces New Cloud Platform

picture-74 SpringSource, a developer of Java application infrastructure and management software, today announced the acquisition of Cloud Foundry, a Java platform-as-a-service provider. The announcement comes just nine days after SpringSource was itself acquired by VMWare.

The move reflects SpringSource’s ongoing efforts to facilitate the deployment of Java applications in the cloud. SpringSource will now launch the Enterprise Java Cloud, which it claims will “enable developers to deploy and manage Spring, Grails, and Java applications within a public cloud environment.” Over the coming months SpringSource will build upon the product with enhanced cloud management features and other custom services.

Cloud Foundry itself functions as an application layer within Amazon’s EC2 Service that essentially automates application scaling across multiple cloud instances. The merged product, dubbed SpringSource Cloud Foundry, is immediately available at CloudFoundry.com in free public beta. Normal cloud service provider fees still apply, and further pricing information is set to be announced after an extended beta period. SpringSource claims that the service will be made available to users of Amazon Web Services and VMWare’s vCloud partners.