MMO players, the Razer Naga mouse may interest you


MMO players have another mouse from which to choose, this time from Razer. It’s called the Naga, and it’s designed to “enhance your ability to control your character.” No harm in that.

The basic premise behind the mouse is to offload as many of the non-movement related keystrokes to the mouse itself. That leaves you to WASD to your heart’s content with your left hand, while not as frequently taking your right hand off the mouse (and keyboard for that matter).

Razer has an “introductory” video that reminds me of so many RF Video shoot interviews. Yes, we’re getting more and more obscure here at CG. (Razer has several other videos that take you all the way from downloading the software from its Web site to assigning buttons in the game.


Razer also has a new mousepad, the Megasoma, for which the company wants $50. Now, I may be old fashioned, but I’ve never used a mousepad that costs anything more than, um, anything. Come to think of it, every mouse pad I’ve always used either came with the computer, or I picked up in a trade show junk pile.


Again, I just hope the build quality of this MMO mouse is a little better than that WoW mouse I used.