Is that really a Canon EOS 7D?

1250680167_ed81aceab8b0ebb380ed9998_dsc00049 The Canon EOS 7D has been rumored for years, but has yet to surface. Instead we got the fabulous 5D Mark II. But nothing has rocked the EOS 7D namesake yet. That looks like it may change real soon.

The camera has been spotted in Best Buy’s inventory as a Canon Tipster pointed out.

Hey, checked things out at work and the Best Buy inventory system has the 7D in it. The body is listed at $2699.99 with a UPC of 013803117493 and the canon model number of 3814B004. The kit with a EF 28-135, which seems strange to me is selling for $2899.99 and has a model of 3814B010 UPC of 013803117530. The price seems to match the lens compared to the body.

Plus, we have this photo showing the badge which doesn’t appear to be photoshopped. Chances are that this camera is real and is coming very soon. Maybe early September?