Sony and Best Buy team up on the ALTUS wireless audio system

Because everyone including your mother wants to rid their world of wires, Sony and Best Buy have new audio systems that feature…wireless audio! The ALTUS audio line includes basic setups like wireless computer speakers, iPod docks, and even multi-room a systems through a little add-on.[PSGallery=ab2pig1vih]

The $500 ALT-SA32PC has two wireless speakers controlled by a USB receiver. The $200 ALT-SA33PC ditches the wireless speakers but utilizes a RCA universal transmitter that will transmit audio to existing audio systems. If iPods are you game, you may wanna check out the $700 ALT-SA31iR wireless speaker system or the $400 AIR-SA10Ti compact docking station with two built-in speakers and wireless subwoofer. If by chance you purchased the already available BDV-E500W, you can have wireless fun too by just adding on a S-AIR adapter to your current system.

Sure, these systems are a little on the pricy side, but a world without wires is a world with convenience. Or some shit like that