FOWA is coming. Let's take a look at who's launching what this year

Carsonified‘s Future of Web Apps London 2009 will be held between 30 September and 2 October at Kensington Town Hall. There’s a day of workshops on day one, followed by the conference proper on 1 and 2 October, featuring speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) and Digg founder Kevin Rose (@kevinrose). Michael Arrington (@arrington) will be present via video link-up to deliver the results of the 2009 TechCrunch Web App survey (which it’s not too late to complete). Naturally, TechCrunch Europe will be there too, reporting on how it all goes down.

But more about the luminaries later. Let’s look today at the three new start-ups who will be launching live on stage in front of Reshma Sohoni (@rsohoni) from Seedcamp and our own Mike Butcher (@mikebutcher).

Aware Monitoring promises to offer a new way to measure website and web application performance, with on-demand monitoring and SMS alerts for when something goes wrong. They’re promising an intuitive but powerful dashboard and an API. It will also generate independent performance reports that can be shared with your customers. Is Aware looking to take on Google Analytics? I guess we’ll find out. You can sign up for a beta invitation for the service here.

Broadersheet is a news aggregator that learns about your news preferences to present an intelligent digest of the news that matters to you with recommendations of new content you might like. It has social sharing functions and works offline, too. Broadersheet is launching as an app for the iPhone. For beta sign-ups go here.

Go Test It is a compatibility testing utility that lets you test whether your web app works properly across all browsers. According to the founders, Go Test It is the quickest way to build a new test suite to prevent regressions”. It apparently has some fancy scripting features as well that I’m sure they guys will demo on the day. Sign up here for a FOWA promotional offer.

So. Three startups. Two terrifying “dragons”. I can’t wait to see how they get on.

Oh, and here’s a tip: if you’re coming along to FOWA, don’t forget to check out HelloApp. It’s very cool.