That Google Bomb Electromagnet Doodle Might Not Go Over So Well On Google Palestine. Wait, There's a Google Palestine?


The doodle for today’s Google logo might give a new meaning to the term “Google bomb.” While it is not actually a drawing of a bomb—it is an electromagnet in celebration of the birth of its inventor Hans Christian Ørsted—a lot of people might mistake it for a bomb. It has a wire and a clock timer (Update that’s actually a compass) and that magnet kind of looks like a stick of dynamite.

For most of the world, it is just another quirky Google doodle. But for people in Palestine, it might just seem in poor taste. Especially since this is one of the first things they are seeing on the new Google Palestine domain. Yes, there is now a separate domain for Google Palestine, it just launched yesterday. Welcome, Palestine!

Yeah, Google might want to try for a different doodle there.

(Hat tip to Nuke Goldstein)