The joys of playing Street Fighter with your kids (and the devastation of losing)


A truly delightful tale about a parent playing against his six-year-old son in Street Fighter IV. A great father-son bonding moment, the father recoils in horror as he finds out, “Wait a minute, I’m losing to my six-year-old here. Oh, God, what have I done?”

The premise is simple: when you have a kid, you can only play but so many games in front of him, and not of the Madworld variety. Mario Kart, Wii Sports, etc. But as fun as those games are, being forced to play them over and over again is terrible.

But a few years goes by. Your son, now six, is actually a human being, with a personality and, most importantly, good thumb control. Time to whip out Street Fighter.

But wait, what’s this? After a few rounds, your son actually gets the hang of the game, and can beat you? Oh nuts to this, it’s back to Mario Kart 64, and I am going to use every shortcut available. Take that.