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techcrunchGigLocator, a live music aggregator, launches today in open beta. It promises to offer a large collection of gig listings worldwide, sourced from major ticket providers and a number of independents too. It enables users of keep track of their favourite artists and venues while offering a discovery mechanism to help you find more gigs you might like. It has a smart search engine which knows if you’re looking for artists, venues and so on. Enter multiple, Pandora or iLike usernames and the site will keep you informed about your favourite artists’ upcoming tour dates. You can then share the dates with friends via your social network of choice.

GigLocator’s recommendation engine learns about your preferences from the gigs you attend and the stuff you’re listening to (for example, by scraping your scrobbled tracks from so it can provide more accurate and targeted recommendations. And if all that wasn’t enough, it can also connect you to people near you with similar musical tastes. Never again must you trudge, alone and shamefacedly, to a Girls Aloud concert: GigLocator will let you know who nearby might be interested in going along too.


GigLocator will take commission from ticket vendors on sales. According to the founders (about whom more in a moment), they’ve been able to secure higher-than-average rates of commission, which, coupled with low costs – the whole site is bootstrapped at the moment – will bring the company to profitability very quickly.

This idea couldn’t come at a better time. With record sales in freefall, but many artists still making a packet from live tours, GigLocator is well-placed to cream off a healthy profit from the one section of the music industry still making money. And it looks like it’ll do so while providing a great service to users, too.

Sounds pretty awesome so far, doesn’t it? But none of those is in fact GigLocator’s biggest asset. The company is headed up by one of the most impressive new faces on the scene, James Proud, who pitched to London’s great and good at the Europas and again, to a less intimidating crowd, at Tomorrow’s Web. (He won the latter competition, which I was invited to judge alongside‘s Hermione Way and the Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury.) Also on the team is 21-year-old Miles Noble.

Proud has only just turned 18, but he’s been wowing crowds not just with his great ideas but with his remarkably assured delivery too. Whatever the fate of GigLocator, Proud is one to watch.

  • Mike

    Beautiful site – stunning design!

  • Marcus Greenwood

    Very impressive. Good name, easy to use, well designed, simple site. Brilliant! Keep up the good work!

  • Miles Noble

    Thanks for the fantastic post Milo!

    – Miles

  • Richard

    failed at first hurdle for me i’m afraid, searched muse, got the list, saw the gigs at the o2 clicked on ‘see tickets’ at the right, got ‘You are now being redirected to an external ticket site.’ and nothing else, unfortunate.

    • Joshua Redmond

      Great to see GigLocator up and running. Love it.

      @Richard Yeah, I found that too. I know James, and let him know, so he is fixing that as I type.

  • Nick Barker

    Congrats to James and Miles!! Site looks fantastic. A few teething problem but they’ll get sorted. I agree with Milo the timing of GigLocator is spot on.

  • pedalpete

    No question it’s a beautiful site. I wish mine were as nice.
    However, this not only seems to cater to only the most popular few artists, and doesn’t seem to be much more than you’d get going directly to a ticket vendor. aggregates data from all over the web to bring you the most local live shows.

    Beautiful site GigLocator, best of luck.

    • James Proud

      Perhaps there is a possible linkup of us working together? We’d be happy to strengthen our offerings and help you in any way possible. Email me at james[at] and we can discuss further if you want.

  • C R Venkatesh

    Amazing work James and Miles. The beta is simple and yet powerful.

  • Matt

    Great site. I would suggest they change the lorem ipsum text on the “Take A Tour” page though.

    Would love to see this site become very popular

    • Miles Noble

      Thanks for your comments Matt!

      Tour fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

      – Miles

      • Matt

        No worries Miles. Keep up the good work.

  • Simon

    No mention of Songkick and their similar features?

    • Alan S

      @Simon Agreed, this site is almost identical, functionally. Songkick has been around for while longer.

  • Peter

    Yeah. some competitor analysis would be interesting.

  • SB

    Hmmm… it didn’t know that Tasmanian technical death metal band Psycroptic are playing at Mountains of Death in the middle of Switzerland next week. :-)

    Ah well, I tapped in a few bands and we’ll see how the alert system goes. The UI and interactions are pleasant.

  • jj

    This is one hell of a gushing write up. Why?

    I had a look around Giglocator, it’s okay, but it has many teething problems. For instance each ticket sel;er link I clicked on wold not work and the tour page is full of Latin script. Awesome, hardly.

    • James Proud

      Tickets are now fixed and all working correctly. We are updating the Tour Page soon.

  • Ruk Cooray

    Brilliant site!

  • George Coltart

    great site,
    just a heads up on a typo in the footer. I dont think you need the s on ‘uses’

    ‘Portions of this page uses data provided by LastFM’

  • John-Paul Dickie

    When I first saw GigLocator at Tomorrows Web, it was love at first sight. A brilliant site which I will now use in the future.

  • jean star

    very cool site. it is right on point with the idea behind it. i support! makes me smile :)

  • coldy

    looks a little ish no?

    • Mike

      How about no?

    • Ruk Cooray

      defo No! Spam comment!

  • Donagh Mc Sweeney

    So it’s going to be in direct competition with the giant that is Ticketmaster right? That could be challenging seeing as they have an almightly dominance in the market! The site does look impressive I must add!

    • James Proud

      No :) We are working with companies like Ticketmaster to provide users with tickets. We work with the ticket vendors, not against. We are currently working on integrating Ticketmaster content and that will be in tonight. Companies like Seetickets, Viagogo and Ticketmaster enable us to give our users a large selection of tickets to purchase.

      • Donagh Mc Sweeney

        I should have explored more earlier. I see how it all works not. Sounds good James! Looks like something that will be pretty useful! Compliments on the design as well! Nice slick web2.0 style, just my cup of tea.

        Best of luck!

  • Aden Davies

    It looks pretty good but I can’t get much to work…tried adding gigs I am attending and linking to…both failed.

    • James Proud

      Due to traffic surge (we weren’t anticipating it has disabled the attending feature. Check back within 30minutes and that’ll be working, along with :)

    • James Proud

      Aden, attending gigs has now been fixed! Working on the fix right now

  • Michael Lockyear

    Just gotta ask…this is not from the “locator” guy is it? (Remember the commenter who, a few months back, seemed to have a *locator domain for almost every topic Techcrunch discussed)

    • James Proud

      Haha! Fortunately it isn’t the *locator guy. I think he’ll kick himself when he sees there is a locator domain or brand he hasn’t snapped up :)

    • MyLocator (tm)

      i appreciate your rememberance. i created the most powerful natural language location based network ever created. companies like “gig” and “offender” will help my company as “locator” becomes more powerful than the term “search” for internet and mobile niche natural language location based content discovery. The people that will be kicking themselves is “all” the staff and haters at TC when my platform explodes. i will repeat again that there is “no startup out there” with greater promise or potential than the MyLocator network. anyone that cant see this is not in the game.

      • Lewis


      • michael lockyear

        You should try build out some of the domains…domain fees must be costing a fortune?

      • James Riding

        OMG, you really are retarded. There isn’t an intelligent human being on the planet who will ever “kick themselves” when your platform “explodes”. There is no platform. There is no technology. There is only a list of crap URLs that no one cares about.

        And, idiot, if you were so forward thinking, how did you miss “giglocator?” I know, because you were too busy huffing glue.

        If you own, put up a picture of yourself. Then, tie a rope around something sturdy, tie the other end around your neck, and jump off something that will keep you dangling for a few seconds before you pass. Then we can be rid of your inane comments that add no value to ANYTHING.

  • Paul

    Is this based on the phenomenally successful GigliLocator?

  •$my_blog My Blog

    another test…

  • Anurag Jain

    It looks like this is focused on people who want to find the big-name acts, and not for the local shows playing all around.

    At , we aggregate data for all local live shows.

    I’ts a beautifully designed site – GigLocator.

  • jon

    I think they have a long way to go. On an initial check of a few artists, their results aren’t as complete as Pollstar, and they don’t put the city location next to the venue, requiring you to guess if you aren’t familiar with it. Not very useful if you’re trying to look for concerts near you.

  • Jake

    It’s a great looking site with alot of nice features, but the barrier to entry for this type of service is very low. There is alot of competition as you can see from the links provided in the comments as well as Songkick, Livekick, countless iPhone apps.

    I created a similar service using the API (to import bands, get info) and CodeIgniter, took less than a day to develop.

    What will make this site stand out is the appealing and easy to use design. Best of luck!

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