Collapsible cooler features AM/FM radio, MP3 input for $25


Summer is slowly, slowly wasting away. Perhaps you should go to a beach, just to see what all the fuss is about. Me, I don’t care for the beach. There’s too much sand and too many people who don’t share my concern for what sand does to electronic devices. And the sun! Get over yourself, Sun! We get it, you’re bright. I’m trying to play games on my iPod touch — now tone it down a little bit, you’re washing out the screen. Anyway, here’s a cooler that holds 16 cans and features an AM/FM radio with MP3 input for $25.

Now the product description doesn’t say how many batteries you’ll need to power this thing, so let’s just assume it’s 24 D batteries. That way, when it turns out to be just 8 D batteries, you’ll feel relieved. The dimensions are 12-inches by 12-inches by 30-inches and apparently it’s an “accordian” style bag, meaning it can be collapsed down when it’s empty.

Accordian Expandable Music Cooler with AM/FM Radio/ MP3 [ via]