HotCans: Self-heating canned food


The end is near, my friends. Please observe self-heating canned food. Ready to eat in about 12 minutes, you can choose between Beef Casserole, Vegetable Chili, and Sausages and Beans. Apparently via some sort of “safe exothermic reaction” these “HotCans” become self-aware somehow. Or heat themselves up. Same basic difference — they might as well be self-aware.

And while traditional canned delicacies such as “Sausages and Beans” may cost less than a dollar, these HotCans are suitable only for the very well-off. They cost — wait for it — eight bucks apiece. Mmmm, eight-dollar Beef Casserole…

They’re available only in the UK at the moment, but this is far too amazing of an invention for them to not show up here in the US in the near future.

HotCans [ via Random Good Stuff]