When Amazon Bought Zappos, Clothes.com Also Came In The Box

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When Amazon paid $928 million for Zappos in July, it got a little something extra in the box: the Clothes.com domain. It turns out that Zappos bought the domain last year from Idealab for $4.9 million (Bill Gross strikes again).

The detail is tucked away in Amazon’s SEC filing about its acquisition of Zappos:

In May 2008, we acquired the Clothes.com internet domain name from Idealab. The domain name was recognized as a purchased intangible asset with a useful life of 20 years. The entire purchase price of $4.9 million was assigned to the price of the domain name intangible asset and will be amortized on a straight-line basis over its remaining estimated useful life.

The “we” in that sentence is Zappos (now Amazon). At $4.9 million, the Clothes.com sale would have been the second largest reported domain-name transaction in 2008 after Fund.com ($10 million), and the second biggest one so far this year after Toys.com ($5.1 million).

The Clothes.com URL goes to a Zappos landing page with a clothing product smackdown. Zappos is primarily known as an online shoe retailer, but sells clothing as well. Such a large investment, however, suggests that Zappos may have had plans to branch out more aggressively into clothing, perhaps under the Clothes.com domain.

(Thanks to reader George Kirikos for the tip).

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