Logitech outs the G500 gaming mouse and G330 gaming headset


Logitech wants in on the new gaming gear party started by Razer and SteelSeries a few weeks back. This time around, Logitech has updated the G5 gaming mouse with the G500 and is introducing the G330 gaming headset. [PSGallery=a2iotlwrso]

The new mouse seems like a mash-up between the couple year-old G5 gaming mouse and the MX Revolution line which should be a match made in heaven.┬áThe G5000 gets all the gaming hardware found in the G5 (and G9x) like a high-res, 5700 dpi sensor that can be adjusted on the fly and removable weights for further customization. But while the texture looks a lot like the original G5, the shape is clearly designed off of the MX line with a larger thumb rest and more of a pinkie ledge – that’s what they call it, serious. Plus this guy sports the amazing hyper-fast scrolling wheel and 10 programable buttons.

MaximumPC got their hands on a G500 and it at least looks like it could set the standard for gaming mice.

The new gaming headset might be a different story though. The new headset is one of those lightweight behind the ears-type that are comfortable, but don’t always have the best speakers. Who knows, maybe this set has high-end sound, but it was likely built for comfort over quality.

The G330 headset should be available sometime this month for $49 while the $69 G500 mouse doesn’t launch until next month.