New Pipejump sales app is Basecamp meets Salesforce

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Ok, so I don’t normally write about online sales applications but one such app comes out of stealth today which made me sit up and take notice. Pipejump is a new sales cycle management startup with drag and drop features aimed at small company sales people and freelancers. It’s a kind of Basecamp meets Salesforce. It’s deceptively simple to use but actually pretty powerful in its simplicity.

Co-founded and developed by Applicake from Krakow (Poland) the venture is bootstrapped but, I understand, has already turned down some investment offers.

Users can move deals through from Incoming, Qualified, Quote, Closure and you can edit deals, track deal flow, set reminders for sales calls, move them around, pretty much you name it. Moving deals around is easy and the app will even ask you why you are moving a deal from qualified to unqualified. For example, when dragging a deal to the Lost panel, you get a nice little box to enter the reason for losing the deal. Other features like deal import from Excel will be added shortly.

The Ajax interface (it has great graphs for instance) is very intuitive and lets you manage incoming deals and focus on the right stuff, taking the essential process of sales calls and boils down to simple process. I can see some advantage over Salesforce, since Salesforce users tend to need some training. In my experience, sales people are not renowned for enjoying using complex deal tracking software – or enjoying having to train. But Pipejump is almost simple enough to use that anyone could pick it up.

Competitor SimpleSalesTracking has a far more complex interface and frankly, although being slightly cheaper, it probably has too many features. With pricing starting at $24 a month for a 100 deals, Pipejump looks like a serious competitor in the sales software market. They’ve also benchmarked themselves against Salesforce and claim it is “3.5 faster” than Salesforce in completing the most common sales tasks (screencast below).

  • Aaron.S

    Great post, I checked out the software and it does seem very intuitive. I’ve been deciding what sort of CRM to utilize for my small business as I start adding to the sales team…this really helps in making a case for online sales apps

  • Jason McMinn

    Nice app! I wish they had a demo account.

  • Anthony Mitchell

    Sales management software without computer-telephony integration (CTI) makes it difficult to track the sales process and activities of sales personnel. It also slows calling activities – both inbound and outbound.

    VoIP is a broadly accepted concept, but not in the SFM and small CRM space, especially for distributed workplaces and hosted applications.

    Sales force management (SFM) and customer relationship management (CRM) need adequate metrics in order to function efficiently and effectively. I don’t see that the applications mentioned above provide adequate metrics, especially internal metrics that make use of data from a soft switch or CTI.

    How many inbound calls am I dropping? What is the average hold time? How many calls are transferred? Are callers abandoning during the IVR tree, which could be changed? Is personnel scheduling consistent with inbound call volumes?

    It costs a tremendous amount of money to drive inbound sales calls. To risk throwing some of those calls away is a cost some businesses cannot afford.

    Full-lifecycle client management recognizes that the sales funnel feeds into the CRM process, especially for companies that rely on repeat sales to the same customers. The apps discussed above are among those that create silos within the enterprise.

    Bottlenecks in SFM applications await the emergence of a vendor who understands what clients need and is prepared to integrate existing technologies in order to meet those needs.

    I want my sales-and-service processes to drive my SFM/CRM workflows. Too many SFM/CRM applications reverse that equation.

    There is a genuine need for a new SFM/CRM-platform provider who understands metrics, business process management and CTI. PipeJump is not that provider.

    • Sanjay Sharma

      You are completely off-target from PipeJump’s target market. Small offices with little to no telephony integration have no need for the complexity that you describe.

      • Mat Atkinson

        I completely agree Sanjay. I read Anthony’s reply and it missed the whole point of PipeJump. Simple, easy to use software for small business.

      • Omnibus

        Plus, comment was longer than the post. Something tells me that Anthony misses the point quite often.

    • courtney benson

      As someone in sales management I see this as a tool for a company that has not gotten to the level heavy marketing and a high amount of inbound calls. Sounds like a good product for a start-up looking for a way to track sales without making a large financial commitment or having to fear the cost of change down the road.

  • Sanjay Sharma

    $24. Exactly the same price as Basecamp’s basic account.

  • Andrew Holt

    Does this allow you to create comments or notes on prospects/accounts to keep track of the conversations you’ve had with them?

    I use HighRise for our sales, but it lacks some of the more CRM-like features (though I can keep track of conversations through notes, and tag accounts with their various states). I tried using Zoho CRM, but traditional CRM software is too process-oriented for a small company that lacks a traditional sales pipeline.

    • Free 4 All

      Why not use

      That one is all powerful and free for as many users as you want.

      It’s solid.

  • Stefano

    Nice app indeed, though Highrise (from the same company behind Basecamp) would make a better comparison and for Pipejump is possibly harder to beat than Salesforce. And… since we are a startup too in online booking apps, I wonder… why would you not “normally write about online sales applications”?

  • A. Mitchell (aem76us) 's status on Wednesday, 05-Aug-09 19:25:19 UTC -
  • Larry Margolis

    Thank you for this post. I am always happy to see easy CRM tools. Salesforce is just to complicated for small business.

  • Scott Annan

    Kind of like – which also launched today – only with less features.

    Great to see innovation in this space!

  • Chris Nwakalo @CIKN

    PipeJump I am intrigued to try your product but here is a word of advice: Your not Apple, we see that your different from salesforce but your new to the market and i would rather see your features than see you compare one detail to your product for a whole video.

    • Ela Madej @elamadej

      Thanks for the feedback Chris. Of course we’re not Apple ;-) There’s a very insightful Tour available covering all the features that PipeJump offers ( The video is more of a proof of our user experience strategy, which is: “keep things simple to *save* time”. Why? The biggest problem with many sales apps for small businesses is that they are too complex and time-consuming. In effect, people waste time struggling with the software that is there to “help” them. OR – simply stick to their Excel sheets…

      • Rahul

         Wow @ Ela
        I liked pipejump and liked your feature as well.
        The onething i really liked was the simplicity in your software and i didn’t ned to refer a faq page for learning pipejump.
        Now if anybody asks me about sales software i will say just use pipejump.

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