Yahoo Shuts Bix Down. Did Anyone Notice?

It must be disconcerting to a big Internet company to shut down a whole website and nobody even notices. Not even a short note on Twitter from a concerned user until now. But that’s what apparently happened.

At some point Yahoo shut down Bix, a karaoke and contest website that they acquired in late 2006. Yes, at some point in 2006 someone at Yahoo said “Karaoke? Contests? We gotta own that!”

Six days ago at least it was still up and running at Now that just redirects to

We first wrote about Bix in July 2006 and then again in August 2006. The company had raised $6.77 million from Sutter Hill Ventures, Trinity, and others prior to the acquisition.

If anyone knows when exactly this shut down, we want to know. It at least needs a proper burial before dropping into the deadpool. We’ve also got an email in to Yahoo PR.

Thanks for noticing, @charliebravo.

Update: From Yahoo:

After careful consideration, we officially closed the Bix site on June 30, 2009. We initially notified our users that this was happening on
June 1st, and provided them with instructions on how to download their video content.

This is part of the ongoing prioritization efforts at Yahoo!, where we are increasing investment in some areas while scaling back in others.