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James Whatley: An apology for an accident of publication is a new service that takes a Kelkoo-esque approach to music downloads, presenting you with price comparisons for downloads of a given track. It also includes related videos, reviews and gig tickets.

The site is aiming to become a “music information hub”: a content deal with YouTube guarantees plenty of video material and user reviews are aggregated from There’s also a partnership with streaming service We7 to provide content for a music player.

It clearly has the potential to be a useful service – comparison sites are a proven model, so why not in music downloads?

However, the site is let down somewhat by the UI. I’m guessing they were aiming for “clean”, but it could use work. Increasing the number of merchants would be a wise move too.

  • Simon Jones

    Cool idea! It’s the simple ones that always seem to do well. After having a browse on the website I can see they do they do have around 8 or so merchants but they don’t all come up for every artist. I wold imagine that this is something they are working on.
    As a music fan it’s actually really handy to not have to browse incividual websites to find a certain track. They seem to have a lot of the back catalogue stuff in the searches which is quite unusual.
    I’ll ceratinly be adding this to my favourites :-)

  • Gill Helfer

    Now you’re sure this post is supposed to be live, and you haven’t just hit publish too early again, Milo?

  • Dom

    You still have a job then? I read in an RSS feed somewhere that you’d resigned because of [REASON].

  • Bob Andrew

    Maybe this was a pre-emptive post drafted before he was escorted from the building and accidentally published because of a magic error in WordPress.

  • Rachel

    Had a quick look at the site and I like it :) can’t believe I could have got a single for 29p, and i paid 99p!

    I guess as it is still in beta even more stores might be added – which would be great.

    • Su

      Love this site! I just searched for lily Allen – Not Fair and it gave me 7 merchants to choose from. I think this site is definitely a step in the right direction especially as illegal downloading is so prominent in the UK market.

      I think the website looks great but I would like to see more interactive features. Maybe a playlist feature?

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  • greg_951 is a similar site, a bit of a nicer interface I reckon.

    • steven

      Are you kidding me? I just checked both out and MP3puzzled is as basic as it gets. The UI on is far superior to the puzzled site. It also has tons more content.

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