4Chan Users Attempt To Incite Mass Fear, Succeed Only In Creating Really Tidy Block List

Twitter is getting a ton of spam tonight for the hashtag #sept2nd along with vague sounding warnings about something bad happening on that date. There’s also a YouTube video and a Digg story that is just starting to get clicks.

What is it? Some 4Chan users are trying to stir up some good old fashioned fear. A message urges readers to “Write “9/02/09” on flyers, stickers, currency, walls, etc. and put them EVERYWHERE….Tweet with the hashtag #sept2nd. Get it into the trending topics….Help get the youtube video into the popular section (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT6N_PZuY-Q)…Spam Google with “9.02.09””

This is much more likely to create a big annoyance for everyone rather than the intended effect of “its gonna be hilarious seeing everyone freak out.” Traditionally 4Chan has been much better at just raining on parades than than creating any serious mayhem.

But there’s an upside, too. All those people twittering out that hashtag make up an excellent and tidy block list.