Hey, look! It's a ‘PS3 Konsole slim’ on Amazon Germany


Sharp eyes have spotted a certain “PlayStation 3 Konsole slim” on Amazon’s German Web site. The listing, which has no price attached, is still up as I type this (around 11:30 A.M. EDT).

Does this mean that, yes!, Sony is working on a PS3 Slim? Of course not. I mean, we did see photos of a so-called PS3 Slim a few weeks ago, taken at a Chinese factory, but that, too, didn’t mean anything.

The rumors come from the fact that Sony eventually released revised, slimmer models of the PS1 and PS2. So why wouldn’t Sony want to do the same with the PS3, maybe even drop the price while it’s at it?

Of course, Amazon listing could be nothing more than the clever work of a rogue Amazon employee, so that he could turn around and show his friends, “See, look what I did now!”

via Kotaku