Record every moment of your boring life

If you’re anything like me — and let’s face it, you’re reading CrunchGear, so chances are high that you are — you had more than a fleeting notion to buy one of those pet collar cameras to use for yourself, rather than your pet. The very nice people at uCorder are here to save you from the embarrassment of wearing a dog collar out in public.

I can’t imagine wanting to record my day-to-day activities, let alone ever watch them again. But then, my days sort of blend into one another, staring at my monitor for hour after hour as the world buzzes around me. If you live an exciting life of action and adventure, and want to relive the moments or impress your family and friends, you can order a 1GB uCorder for $99 in Canadian dollars. That’s practically free, isn’t it?

The uCorder announcement claims that this is “the world’s first wearable camcorder!” Clearly the uCorder folks aren’t reading CrunchGear as compulsively as you are, else they’d remember the VIEVU. Oooh, burn!