How does a 55-inch LED HDTV from Samsung sound to you?


As a reader of CrunchGear, I can only assume that you’re familiar with a recent invention called “television.” It’s truly a remarkable thing: it transports lights and sounds from the four corners of the planet, and brings them right to your living room. It’s like you’re actually at the big game! A recent upgrade, called high-definition television, improves the quality of the picture. Samsung, which is a company based in far-away South Korea, has a new line of high-definition televisions called the 8500 Series. It uses something called light-emitting diodes (“LEDs”) to light up the image—no more replacing tubes!

This new line of television comes in two sizes: 46 and 55 inches. That’s as big as an elephant (but much thinner)!

And does it purr! You name it, it’s got it: 1080p, 240MHz refresh rate, 2ms response time, and, get this, Internet connectivity! Yes, you’re able to view popular Web site Yahoo-provided content, including photos from Flickr, news and weather; sports from USA Today; plus Twitter and YouTube. That’s right, tweet right from your couch!

How much would you pay for such a marvel? Did you say $3,599 for the 46-inch, and $4,499 for the 55-inch? Then you’d be right!

Both models should be shipping to your local retailer in August, which is in only a few days!