Unboxing the $1,199 URC MX-5000 remote

mx50001So this is what an expensive universal remote looks like, eh? Interesting. I have to say after using almost every Harmony, Monster Cable remote, and many Philips Prontos, that Universal Remote Control’s MX-5000 is the best feeling remote. [period] I haven’t hooked it up to my A/V system but I’m so taken by this remote that I had to post some pictures. Give me a week or two with this remote and I’ll report back with a full review. That is if I can actually program the damn thing. This remote isn’t meant for the DIY’er so there isn’t a handy wizard like Logitech uses for the Harmony remotes. The installer program isn’t hard, it’s just very involved as it allows installers to program the remote precisely the way they – or their customers – want it.[PSGallery=9ldlhmsyp2]