Netgear and OpenDNS to filter traffic, replace parents


I’m guessing that a lot of households utilize filters on computers to, well, keep the kiddies away from, you know, the Internet sites you look at. Netgear and OpenDNS aim to take that task away from the individual computer and start filtering at the router. That way, every device connected to the Internet through that router – including iPod touches, game consoles, and every computer – will be subject to filtering.


The new routers, which will be available in early September, will be equipped with firmware that configures them to use OpenDNS’ domain name server to look up the actual IP address of any site someone tries to visit. If that site isn’t on the blocked list, it will be displayed. But if a parent has blocked that site, the user will instead be sent to a page that informs them that the site they tried to access is blocked.

Some Netgear routers will have new firmware starting August 10th as well.

Of course there are parenting questions that come up when filtering is the subject, but most households have moved past the single computer in the living room phase. A lot of devices have Internet access on them now and it is probably impossible for even Super Nanny to monitor everything. Eventually though, kids will grow up and see a pair of titties no matter strict of a filter is installed at home. Little Jimmy down the road may not have any filters at all. Kids should always know that filters are in place and why they are used.