China's answer to Transformers: Metallic Attraction Kung Fu Cyborg


Some early footage of this movie has been floating around on the web for a few months now, but today an official trailer was released. And in the meantime, the brilliantly named “Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg” has evolved into some kind of Chinese version of Transformers.

Not too surprisingly, there are a few differences: In Kung Fu Cyborg, people transform into battling robots and vehicles (as far as I could tell). With a $14 million budget, the Chinese “remake” is expensive for a Hong Kong movie but considerably cheaper than Transformers (budget: $150 million) and Transformers 2 ($200 million). And it seems to be a mix of comedy, Sci-Fi and romantic movie.

Watch the trailer below, it’s very cool (subbed in English). As a huge Hong Kong movie fan, I am sure to watch this one. Kung Fu Cyborg will premiere in Chinese-language territories from August 13. So expect an English-language DVD sometime in the fall.