Video: Geek creates dancing humanoid with iPhone head


Given the enormous creative energy some robot geeks regularly demonstrate, this took longer than I expected: A robot hobbyist (who is Japanese, I believe) created a humanoid with an iPhone head. To be more exact, he took a commercially available robot body kit and used an iPhone 3GSĀ  as its “head (through the dock connector).

The unassembled body, a Kondo KHR-2HV, is available online for $1,300 and weighs 1.2kg. The 17 joints make it possible for the robot to walk around and perform a number of weird dance moves.

Not bad but the iPhone integration is more interesting, as the display shows the “face” of the robot (its various emotions, for example). You can also program the robot to some extent, i.e. in case you want to make use of the built-in wake-up alarm function.

Watch the little guy in action in the video below.


Via Pink Tentacle